Our team of consultants have backgrounds in GIS, Engineering, Geography and Computer Science. We have experience of a broad range of application areas of GISConsultants and can therefore bring innovative ideas for the application of GIS to new areas based on this experience.

We can work with the client to develop ideas further, then take the project from initiation to full implementation.

It is possible to achieve this while also benefiting the user by maintaining flexibility in our development, and in this regard we adopt a structured approach based on the industry Consultants at PCstandard Dynamic System Development Methodology (DSDM). Typically this looks at requirements and expectations in terms of MoSCoW rules, where each aspect is categorised in terms of Must have; Should have; Could have; Would like. As prototypes and testing evolves this is reviewed with the client to determine and address the priorities an limitations to ensure the delivery is on time and within budget.

A core part of our overall business consideration is implementing a structured Project Management approach. We have evolved an effective system for GIS projects, based on significant aspects of the industry standard PRINCE method, where measurement is typically taken in terms of deliverables and checkpoints rather than processes and tasks. This system also includes flexibility to allow integration into projects managed on a consortium basis, where our activities receive or deliver inputs and outputs to other components of a project.

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Innovative Solutions in GIS